The Bactrian Gold IV

A few more items from the Bactrian Gold Hoard, currently on show at he Guimet in Paris:

Gold belt
Tillia tepe, tomb IV
1st century
97.5 x 2.0 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.384

Detail of one of roundels, with a god on a leopard.

Gold coin of Tiberius
Tillia tepe, tombe III
1st century
diameter 1.9 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan – MK 04.40.426

Quite a number of Roman coins have been excavated in Afghanistan, and the Kushans imitated Roman coins with portraits of their own kings. Afghanistan had few direct links with Rome at the period - the coins probably ended up there indirectly through trade - but it remained an important junction on the Silk Road.

All photographs © Thierry Ollivier / musée Guimet

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