Afghanistan: Aï Khanoum

A couple more items from Aï Khanoum, the best preserved Hellenistic city in Afghanistan, currently on show at the Guimet in Paris.

High relief stele of an Ephebe wearing a chlamys
Aï Khanoum, Necropolis
3rd century BC
50 x 26 x 11.5 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan - MK 05.42.15

Fragmentary oval storage jar with an inscription
Aï Khanoum, found in the Treasury of the palace
3rd century BC
Ht. 41 cm ; diameter 28 cm
Musée National d’Afghanistan - MK 05.42.608

A little more information about the inscription from Wikipedia:
Various Greek inscription were also found in the Treasury of the palace, indicating the contents (money, imported olive oil...) of various vases, and names of the administrator in charge of them. The hierarchy of these administrators appears to be nearly identical to that of the Mediterranean. From the names mentioned in these inscriptions, it appears that the directors of the Treasury were Greek, but that lower administrators had Bactrian names[2]. Three signatories had Greek names (Kosmos, Isidora, Nikeratos), one a Macedonian or Thracian name (Lysanias), and two Bactrian names (Oxuboakes, Oxubazes).

All photos © Thierry Ollivier / musée Guimet

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