Gladiator Relief Seized from Looters

These twelve panels from an otherwise unknown late first century BC tomb from Lucus Feroniae (north of Rome) were among items seized from tomb robbers by the Italian police. The quality of the Carrara reliefs is high, and they are fascinating for their depiction of gladiators fighting.

Italian police recover ancient Roman marble reliefs from tomb looters' cache - Daily Mail.

Ancient Roman marble reliefs recovered - AP:
"In a pile of rubble found near the buried reliefs, police recovered the lower part of a marble statue of man in a toga, a piece of a column and a partial inscription, all believed to have come from the same tomb. Archaeologists believe the reliefs were a frieze decorating the midsection of a rectangular tomb, surmounted by a colonnade that housed the statue, possibly a depiction of the man buried inside."

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