Two Images of Mohammed

This page in the BNF is interesting as not only is Mohammed's face clearly drawn with his unveiled features visible, but he is depicted twice. The scenes represent his Night Journey, and he rides the human-headed Buraq. He has a flame halo in both scenes.

Two human figures have flame halos to the lower left; one is John the Baptist as a Muslim prophet (called Yahya in the Koran), and the other is the prophet Zakariyya (Zachariah I assume).

The multi-headed figure is an angel with seventy heads who chants to God (Allah) in seventy languages.

The page comes from the Mi'râdj nâmeh (The Ascension of the Prophet) by Mir Haydar. This copy was created in 1436 at Herat in Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli is mined in Central Asia, and accounts for the depth of the blue. Watercolor and gold leaf on paper.

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