Iran and Censorship

I've been blogging about the First Amendment, Free Speech and Censorship for a while now. It started with the Iranian exhibition of anti-Semitic Holocaust cartoons - the Iranian 'excuse' for them was "freedom of speech". French press laws are stricter than British press laws, which are in turn stricter than US laws - when I lived in Paris, the British Sunday Times regularly had bits blacked out. Iran is probably not the worst place in terms of censorship - it's even surprising how much they allow if you look at Jonathan Lundqvist's post More pictures of Iranian Censorship. He has taken many photos of censored Western press in Iran - see his blog for more - and also has a detailed account of censorship rules there. I have selected these three images to best illustrate the story:

This is where most boys learn the facts of life. Many subsequently graduate to Playboy, so maybe censorship is not such a bad idea.

The deep black is flesh filled in with a black marker pen. I thought it was clever, well done, and Uma Thurman is still elegantly dressed.

This image ended up being unintentionaly funny, with a woman at the gym in a cocktail dress and strappy sandals.

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