African-Americans in Power

Although Oprah has been categoric about her refusal to be drafted to run in 2008, she has been very public about how much she likes Senator Barack Obama. Today comes news that the Democrat Obama Says He'll Consider A 2008 Bid for The Presidency (WP).

I find it fascinating that the Democrats and African-Americans are so inseparably linked in the media. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are five:

Bill Clinton might like people to think that his White house looked like this.
But the people in this photo are "African American appointees at the White House" not members of his cabinet. (source)

In fact, this is a photo of President Clinton's Cabinet, circa 1993. (But Wikipedia must be treated with caution as a source)

Later in Clinton's presidency the faces look similar:
With Cabinet members on the North Grounds, June 29.
From the National Archives:
Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States William J. Clinton: 2000–2001, Book II, Photographic Portfolio June 27 to October 11, 2000.

Republican President George W. Bush seems to have a more ethnically diverse cabinet. (Photo from a Democratic source web site).

In case the people are too small to closely examine in the image above, Swedish Radio has this photo. It dates from January 2004, and shows the people who were advising President Bush right at the beginning of his term in office. They say that behind every man is a great woman. In this photo it's a great African-American woman and a great African-American man.

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