Clinton - losing her Marbles ....?

Update - I've been receiving emails about this, so should clarify. Yes, it's true. But I was ringing people from Mustique as I got bored on holiday - they were not on the island.

From the Independent on Sunday, 15 January 2006, p. 39

Hillary Clinton, a New York senator and likely US presidential candidate, until recently supported the campaign to return the Elgin marbles to Greece. But she seems to have become less voluble on the subject since the intervention of a London archaeologist.

Dorothy King, author of a book on the Parthenon sculptures, was in Mustique, in the West Indies, when she encountered a senior US Democrat. Conversation turned to the Elgin Marbles and King felt obliged to say that if Senator Clinton were to persist with her modish cause, she could find herself in difficulties. This is because the Greeks want the return not only of the sculptures but also of their architectural blocks.

"One architectural block was given by the people of independent Greece to the people of America," she explains. "It was incorporated into the structure of the Washington Monument in Washington DC, an obelisk-shaped structure that is now one of the most important and loved American monuments. I could not resist pointing out that the consequence of Clinton getting her way, and the Parthenon Marbles being repatriated, is that the block incorporated into the Washington Monument would also have to be returned, for which the monument itself would have to be dismantled."

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