Clarification of Cancerous Thought (Guardian)

Dr. Michael N Routledge from Leeds Institute for Genetics, Health and Therapeutics very kindly sent me an email. He pointed out that generic medicines were not second best, just exact copies made after a patent had expired.

He is of course entirely correct in this point, and I would have no hesitation using generic drugs in the West. I have taken generic drugs in the US. I did not mean to imply that generic drugs in the US or the UK were bad - they are usually exactly the same as the original branded drug.

In less developed countries unfortunately this is not true - copies of drugs made in Third World countries are not exact copies with the same ingredients in the same proportions. They tend to be at best approximations and the result of guestimates. I was given them once when travelling, and they do not work well - I was ill for a long time with one of the strange flu bugs. I wouldn't take them again, so I could not in good conscience advocate giving them to others. Many people are against animal testing these days - they should be against testing on poor humans too.

There is a big difference between generic drugs in the US and cheap drugs in Africa - they are not the same thing !

The article was re-cut and meant to be about DDT and malaria - where 'anti-globalisation' has killed millions by first banning DDT, then encouraging the WHO to use 'cheap' drugs.

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