Cook loses his marbles

The Times

THE former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook is now an unofficial cheerleader for the Greek Government’s claim to the Elgin Marbles and wrote a trenchant newspaper column on the subject this week. But just how thoroughly has he researched this ancient conundrum? Not enough, according to Dr Dorothy King, 30, an archaeologist who has been called “the female Indiana Jones”. A believer in keeping the Marbles in Britain, she caught up with Cook at the launch of the painfully named pressure group “Marbles Reunited” in London yesterday. “I challenged him over the state of the marbles which the Greeks have got, which are kept in a museum yards from the Parthenon,” she said. “He said he hadn’t been there.”

(ie - He cares so much about the Parthenon Sculptures .... but he didn't bother to see them ! DK)

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