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AS GREECE prepares a fresh pursuit of the Elgin Marbles in the run-up to the Athens Olympics, Britain's answer to Indiana Jones is entering the fray.

Dr Dorothy King (pictured left), who has spent the past three years trying to save the battlefield of Marathon from Greek bulldozers, is starting a campaign to keep the Marbles in the British Museum, where they have resided since Lord Elgin rescued them from Athens in the 1800s.

The Athens Games are a year away (not that you would know it from some of the shambolic preparations) and the hosts want the Marbles in time for the opening ceremony. A spot of nationalistic posturing, of course, is also a useful distraction from Athenian bungling.

Only last month, Athens staged a major international conference on the Marbles and the Games.

To the Greeks' delight, the panel included many members of the British Committee For The Restitution Of The Parthenon Marbles - a mix of academics and Left-leaning luvvies who regard the Marbles as colonial loot. The British Museum, however, has no pro-Elgin lobby and is terrified of antagonising either the Greek or British government.

So Dr King, 30, is setting one up anyway and is seeking recruits. 'These people have flung so much mud at Britain and there's no one to counter their lies,' says the London-based archaeologist, who is routinely abused in the Greek Press.

Her bold stance has won her admirers elsewhere, though. She has been offered a part in the next Indiana Jones movie as well as a television series - not bad for someone who doesn't have a television.

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